Earring holder

With the spring coming fast this year.. even in Minnesota.. I was looking for a quick and easy project to knit: something fresh with light weighted yarn!

That’s when I found this lovely idea from Laylock.

I just thought it was perfect, as I already had the yarn, an unused frame lying around and nothing nice to store my earrings. I decided to use the same pattern for the swatch, but to add a piece of fabric in the back so it will be more visible in front of a white wall.



Here is the material I used:

  • A black Ikea frame (11″ 3/4 x 15″ 3/4);
  • A ball of sock weighted yarn;
  • Size 4 circular needles;
  • A piece of fabric a little bit larger than the frame itself.




From the finished swatch.. to the mounted fabric:

And finally the result!!…

.. which I am not really happy with actually.. I think the frame is too thin regarding its size.. and the black is just too depressing… Actually it feels to me like every combination I made here is wrong: from the frame to the fabric..

So I guess I learned my lesson today:

Recycling something you don’t like doesn’t always work.. 😐

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